"Te he dejado en el sillón las pinturas y una historia en blanco... No hay principio ni final, sólo lo que quieras ir contando...
Y al respirar, intenta ser quien ponga el aire que al inhalar te traiga el mundo de esta parte..."
Vetusta Morla - Al respirar

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Keep loving!

The Appropriated Poster Campaign Manifesto:
Above is a series of appropriated posters that I painted over and reinstalled into bus stops.
The APC (as i like to refer to it) is an ongoing experimental campaign to raise cognitive awareness
and more importantly to inspire benevolent action that we often forget, oversee, or might be in opposition to our often hedonistic culture.
It also acts as an inherent social commentary in declaring a space more public than it was before.
More to come. Many more to come.

Interesante iniciativa de Sean Woolsey, con mucha mucha miga.

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